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Listen to host Ann Pierre as she interviews Laura Nucato overcome the abuse and trauma at home.

Listen to host Ann Pierre as she interviews Samuel Gomez discuss the struggles of pornography and what it was like in the process to stop the addiction.

Our host Ann Pierre interviews Carmelys Vincent about overcoming trauma. Learn how God has led Carmelys who was born premature and where she is now.

Michel chats with mental health professionals Miriam and Dana about depression and anxiety, very common mental health issues women encounter—including Adventist women.

The best way to get your anger under control

Ways to help our military veterans handle the trauma of war

How to reduce the trauma symptoms of children from foster care.

Help, my child is cutting him or herself. Dealing with the trauma of self-harm.

Six ways to stay psychological stable after losing your job

How to address the physical symptoms of trauma - Your Health

How to address your anxiety at home

Stuck at home due to COVID-19. What to do when trauma is at home. Addressing domestic violence

How to handle the reoccurring disturbing dreams/nightmares due to trauma

How to cope with the trauma of a sudden death of a love one

How to confront a perpetrator that caused trauma in your life

Five ways to become resilient and face your trauma victorious

How to eliminate the stress after trauma

Seven steps to break away from the addiction that follows trauma

How to gain the motivation to do anything after experience with childhood trauma

5 ways to address the awful feeling of shame that follows childhood trauma

Why counseling alone may not work for individuals dealing with trauma

How to find the heart to forgive those who traumatized you as a child

How the trauma of sexual abuse can impact a person's life and ways to avoid or recover from it's effects

Six ways to develop a relationship with someone who experience childhood trauma

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